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I have always enjoyed baking, but after my daughter left for college I needed something more to keep me busy. I have been creating cakes for over 10 years. It's interesting to see how my techniques have progressed over time. I try to create cakes that are relevant to the situation and make people happy. All of my cakes are made from scratch.

Recently I entered my first cake competetion with professionals and placed 3rd with judges and 2nd in People's Choice.

For me, spending 12 plus hours working on a cake goes by so quickly and I look forward to creating the next cake.

Although most of my cakes are made for families and friends, I will be happy to make a cake for those living near Morgantown, West Virginia or for pickup. Just send me an email at and we can talk about your cake.

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What people say about my cakes...

Sharon "Cubby" Dixon

Cubby Cakes
Cubby and Aveny
Farm Cake by Cubby Cakes

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