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NOTES: Cakes can be delivered to within 50 miles of Morgantown, West Virginia. There is a 50 cents per mile delivery fee. Cakes can be picked up in Morgantown, WV. Cakes will be covered in FONDANT unless you request that fondant not be used.


Date you need the cake:

Time you need the cake:
Pick up or delivery:
Delivery charge is 50 cents per mile.
Pick up

How many people do you need the cake to serve:

What kind of cake do you want?

If other, please indicate here:
Design idea. Please tell me your design idea. The more specifics you provide the better:
If there is a picture of a cake or idea on the Internet please add the web address:
If you have a drawing of the cake please email it to
Contact me

Words and/or numbers to put on cake:

If birthday cake, do you want candles? Age?
Colors you want for the cake:
Shape of cake:
Other shape:
Please choose how many tier you would like to have for your cake.

Please note: Six inch round servers 12. Eight inch round serves 20. Ten inch round serves 28.

One Tier Cake
Two Tier Cake

Flavor of cake:
Other flavor:
Flavor of icing:
Other icing flavor:


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