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Gallery of My Cakes

Unicorn Cake   Unicorn Cake
Elephant Cake   Elephant Cake
Bug Cake   Bug Cake
Golf Cake Carol's Birthday Golf Cake
Spaghetti Cake   Sphagetti Cake
Captain America Cake Dane's Birthday Captain America Cake
Elmo Cake Mara's Birthday Elmo Cake
WVU Cake   WVU Cake
Paw Patrol Cake Gabriella's Birthday Paw Patrol Cake
Candy Land Cake   Candy Land Cake
Coal Miner Bucket Cake   Coal Miner Bucket Cake
Baby Shower Cake   Baby Shower Cake
Gangster Cake   Gangster Cake
Baseball Cake   Baseball Cake
Unicorn Cake  
Spash Paint Cake  
Peppa Pig Cake Emily's Birthday
Kagami Mochi Cake Japanese New Year's party
Transportation Cake Dane's Birthday
John Deer Cake Jax's 4th Birthday
Daniel Tiger Cake Ava's 3rd Birthday
Weiner Dog Cake Brittany's Wedding Shower
Caramel Flower Cake Christa's Birthday
Hockey/Nintendo/Golf Cake Tyler's Birthday
Barbie Cake Olivia's Birthday  
Dentist Coat Cake White Coat Ceremony
Piped Roses Wedding Cake Allison's Wedding
Dog Cup Cake Kate's Birthday
Piped Ribbon Cake Amanda's Birthday Piped Ribbon Cake by Cubby Cakes
Mermaid Cake Paige's Birthday Mermaid Cake by Cubby Cakes
Farm Cake   Farm Cake by Cubby Cakes
Valentine Cup Cake Valentine Party Valentine Cup Cake
Smash Cake Amelia's 1st Birthday Smash Cake
Easter Cup Cake For Village at Heritage Point Easter Cup Cake
Jungle Cake Jaren's 9th Birthday Jungle Cake
Japanese Cup Cake Japanese New Year's Day Party Japanese Cup Cake
Duck Baby Shower Cake Crystal's Baby Shower Duck Baby Shower Cake
Caterpillar Cake Emily's 3rd Birthday Caterpillar Cake
Dog Cake Whitley's Birthday Dog Cake
Ocean Cake Meghan's 11th Birthday Ocean Cake
Thomas the Train Cake Andre's 2nd Birthday Thomas the Train Cake
Zombie Cake Sean's birthday Zombie Cake
Ninja Turtle Cake James' birthday Ninja Turtle Cake
Ghost Cake Dominic's birthday Ghost Cake
Jurassic World Cake Isaac's 6th birthday Jurassic Cake
Lego Cake Aveny's 7th birthday
Doc McStuffins Cake Gabriella 1st Birthday Doc McStuffins Cake
Paw Patrol Cake Wyatt's 3rd Birthday Paw Patrol Cake
Movie Cake Karen's Retirement Party Movie Cake
Cars Cake Miles' 3rd Birthday Cars Cake
Minnie Mouse Cake Ava's 2nd Birthday Minnie Mouse Cake
Mermaid Cake Gemma's 5th Birthday Mermaid Cake
Rainbow Pony Cake Paige's 4th Birthday Rainbow Pony Cake
Louis Vuitton Purse Cake Courtney's 30th Birthday Louis Vuitton Purse Cake
Law Books Cake David's Graduation Law Books Cake
Winnie the Pooh Cake Andre's Birthday Winnie the Pooh Cake
Critters Cake Meghan's Birthday Critters Cake
R2D2 Cake Ira's Birthday R2D2 Cake
Kitty Cake Barb's Retirement Kitty Cake
Valentine Cake Jennifer Valentine Cake
Pokemon Cake Jaren's birthday Pokemon Cake
Christmas Cup Cake Heritage residents Christmas Cup Cake
Cycling Cake Matt's birthday Cycling Cake
Bicycle Cake Aveny's 6th birthday Bicycle Cake
Bowling Cake Khloe's birthday Bowling Cake
Oil Rig Cake   Oil Rig Cake by Cubby Cakes
WV Camo Cake Wyatt's birthday WVU Camo Cake
Pig Cup Cakes made for a pig roast Pig Cup Cakes
Baby Dress Cake baby shower cake Dress Cake
Thomas the Train Cake Wyatt's birthday cake Thomas the Train Cake
Twin Dog Cakes Brody and Gidget's birthday cake Twin Dogs Cake
Bull Dog Cake Kara's birthday Bull Dog Cake
Games Cake Carmela's 90th birthday Games Cake
Zombie Tank Cake   Army Zombie Cake
Fairy Cake Olivia birthday party Fairy Cake
Dog with Beer Can Cake   Dog with Beer Can Cake
Technics Record Player Cake 50th birthday party Technics record player cake
Tie Dye Shirt Cake Kelley's birthday Tie Dye Shirt Cake
Retirement Cake Claudia Retirement Cake
My Little Pony Cake Paige's 3rd birthday My Little Pony Cake
TH Sound Cake Speech teacher retirement party TH Sound Cake
Mermaid Cake Vivian's birthday Mermaid Cake
Piano Cake birthday Piano Cake
Tee-shirt Cake Jim's birthday Tee Shirt Cake
Michael Kors Purse Cake Branda's birthday Michael Kors Purse Cake
Ikebana Cake Meghan's 9th birthday Ikebana Cake
Rainbow Smash Cake and Cupcakes Emily's 1st birthday Rainbow Cake
Toy Story Cake Logan's 4th Birthday Toy Story cake
Kokeshi Cake Japanese New Year's Party kokeshi cake
Ninjago Cake Jaren's Birthday Ninjago Cake
Hello Kitty Cake Lorelia 3rd birthday Hello Kitty Cake
50's Theme Cake Brenda's 70th birthday 50s Theme Cake
My Little Ponies Cake Chrissy and Kitty (twin girls) My Little Ponies Cake
WVU Cake Wedding rehearsal WVU Cake
Birthday Cake Kate's birthday Man Jumping Out of Cake
Baby Shower Cake Emily Baby Shower Bee Cake
Zombie Cake Ryleigh's 5th birthday Zombie Cake
Tiana Cake Aayiyah Tiana Cake
Choir Cake Church Choir End of Season
Barbie Cake Olivia's Birthday Barbie Cake
Wedding Cake Alex and Cassi Cassi and Alex's Wedding Cake
Baby Shower Cake Baby Emily Baby Shower Cake
Peter Pan Cake Giovanni and Mia's birthday Peter Pan Cake
Barn Cake Meghan's 8th Birthday Barn Cake
Giraffe Pattern Cake Emma's 1st Birthday Giraffe Pattern Cake
Baseball Cake Nathan's Birthday Baseball Cake
Ninja Turtle Cake Ethan's Birthday Ninja Turtle Cake
Batman Cake Jaren's Birthday Batman Cake
Rag Doll Cats in a Hat Box Gaynelle's Birthday Rag Doll Cats in a Hat Box
1st Wedding Anniversary

Sushana & Matt

1st Wedding Anniversary
Flashing Lightning Bug Cake Avery's 2nd Birthday Flashing Lightning Bug
Gruffalo Gemma's 2nd Birthday Gruffalo Cake
Retirement Cake David's Retirement Retirement Cake
Tree Trunk with Initials Carved Cake Alex and Cassie's Engagement Tree Trunk Cake
Lady Bug Cake Baby Shower Lady Bug Cake
Watermelon Cake Rylee's 2nd birthday Watermelon Cake
Gender Reveal
Bumble Bee Cake
Baby Shower Bumble Bee Cake by Cubby Cakes
Wedding Cake Ida and Eric Wedding Cake by Cubby Cakes
Tangled Sheet Cake Alivia's 3rd Birthday Tangled Cake
Tangled Cake Ellie's 5th Birthday Tangled Cake
Rubik's Cube Cake Eric's 40th Birthday Rubik's Cube Cake
Topsy Turvy Cake Stacie's Birthday Topsy Turvey Cake
Beach Cake Meghan's Birthday Beach Cake
Baby Shower Cake   Baby Shower Cake
Potato Cake Laura's Birthday Potato Cake
Homer Cake Alex's Birthday Homer Simpson Cake
Book Cake Wendell's Birthday Book Cake
Baby Shower Zoo Cake Elizabeth's Shower Baby Shower Zoo Cake
Transformers Cake Ethan's Birthday Transformers Cake
Thomas the Train Cake Logan's Birthday
Thomas Train Cake
Pirate Cake Jaren's Birthday
Pirate Cake
Baby Shower Gretchen
Baby Shower Cake
Baby Shower Gretchen
Baby Shower Cake
3rd Birthday Aveny Rue
Ballet Slipper Birthday Cake
Greenbay Cake John's Birthday
Greenbay Cake
Red Beans Cake Gemma's Birthday
Red Beans and Rice Cake
Mardi Gras Cake Morgantown HS Homecoming
Mardi Gras Cake
Wedding Cake Sushana's Wedding
Wedding Cake by Cubby Cakes
Impressionist Painting Cake Johanna's 60th Birthday
Impressionist Painting Cake
Book Cake Mac's Retirement
Book Cake
Pharmacy Cake Ashley & Lindsay's Graduation
Pharmacy Cake
Turtle Cake Kaylee's Birthday
Turtle Cake
Dog Cake Animal Friends of Mon County
Dog Cake
Harley Cake Bob's Birthday
Harley Cake
Rainforest Cake Meghan's 6th Birdday
Rainforest Cake
Bridal Shower Cake Bride
Bridal Shower Cake
WVU Stadium Cake Grooms Cake
WVU Stadium Cake
Thomas the Train Cake Ethan's 3rd Birthday
Train Cake
Hamburger Cake Mary's 84th Birthday
Hamburger Cake
Heart Cake Mrs. Sheldon's Wedding Congratulations
Heart Cake
Mum Cake Gretchen's Birthday
Mum Cake
Dog House Cynthis Animal Friends
Dog House Cake
Mermaid Cake
Sharo's 3rd Birthday
Mermaid Cake
Handy Manny Toolbox Jaren's Birthday
Handy Manny Toolbox
Batman Cake Adam's Birthday
Batman Cake
Elmo Cake Aveny's 2nd Birthday
Elmo Cake
Hot Dog Cake Mr. Lewis 50th Birthday
Hot Dog Cake
Saturn 5 Rocket Cake MHS Homecoming
Saturn 5 Rocket
Lion Cake Xander's Birthday
Lion Cake
Hat Cake 3 Liz's going away party
Hat Cake
Maneki Neko Cake Japanese Picnic
Maneki Neko Cake
Lady Bug Cake Kalei's Birthday Cake
Lady Bug Cake
Wedding Cake Gretchen and Bill's Wedding
Wedding Cake
Gemma's 1st Cake Gemma's 1st Cake
Gemma's 1st Cake
Wedding Cake Quinn & Gabe's Wedding
 Wedding Cake by Cubby
Thundering Herd Cake Jessica's Graduation
Thundering Herd Cake
Hat Cake #2 Andrea's Birthday
Hat Cake
Dora's Soccer Cake Meghan's 5th Birthday
Dora Soccer Cake
Hat Cake Intern's Goodbye
Hat Cake
Blues Clues Cake Mason's Birthday
Blues Clues Cake
Pencil Cake
Ms. Schwing
pencil cake
Wubbzy Cake Ethan's 2nd Birthday
Wubbzy Cake
Frog Cake Patty's Birthday
Frog Cake
Spongebob Cake Maddox's 4th Birthday
Spongbob Cake
Fishing Pond Cake Ethan's 7th Birthday
Fishing Pond Cake
Brayden's Cake Brayden's 1st Birthday
Basketball Cake Jaren's 3rd Birthday
Basketball Cake
Blue Dog Cake Aveny's 1st Birthday
Blue dog
MHS Cake MHS Homecoming
MHS Cake
Clunker Cake Mr. Lewis
Tree Cake
(Award Winning)
Rosaumblum House
Tree Cake
Pig Cake Meghan's Birthday
Pig Cake
Bird's Nest Cake MHS Homecoming
Bird's Nest Cake
Jungle Hut Cake MHS Homecoming
Jungle Tree Cake
Duck Cake Cayla's Baby Shower
Duck Cake
Bunny Carrot Cake Cayla's Birthday
Bunny Carrot Cake
Fiesta Hat MHS Homecoming
Fiesta Hat Cake
Blackjack Cake Nunny's Birthday
Blackjack Cake
Gumby Cake Linda's Birthday
Gumby Cake
Castle Cake Aya's Birthday
Castle Cake
Pool Cake Practice Cake
Pool Cake
Handyman Cake Joe's New Deck Celebration
Handy Man Cake
Sleeping Bear Cake Practice Cake
Sleeping Bear Cake
Pig in Mud Cake Practice Cake
Pig in Mud Cake



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